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Sensors and Materials  ISSN 0914-4935

Volume 26 (2014)
Number 7

Special Issue on Utilization of Biological Information
Guest Editor, Takashi Oyabu (Kokusai Business Gakuin College)

Research Reports

Ambient Temperature Effects on Evaluation of Plant Physiological Activity Using Plant Bioelectric Potential
Yuki Hasegawa, Genta Yamanaka, Ki Ando and Hidekazu Uchida
pp. 461-470

Analysis of Plant Bioelectric Potential Response to Illumination by Curve Fitting
Ki Ando, Yuki Hasegawa, Hidekazu Uchida and Akinori Kanasugi
pp. 471-482

Evaluating Abnormal Condition in Physiological Disorder Using a Fluctuation Characteristic of Plant Bioelectric Potential
Shin-ichi Shibata, Fumitake Sato, Haruhiko Kimura and Takashi Oyabu
pp. 483-493

Purification Capability of White Radish for Gaseous Ethyl Alcohol and Bioelectric Potential under LED Light
Takashi Oyabu, Masanori Kawauchi, Hiromi Ban and Hidehito Nanto
pp. 495-504

Overview of Social Cognitive Ability from the Perspective of Facial Expressions and Context —Estimating Emotion Based on Context Essays and Facial Expressions—
Sakiko Ogoshi, Tomohiro Takezawa, Yasuhiro Ogoshi, Hisakazu T. Yanaka and Yoshinori Mitsuhashi
pp. 505-518

Expiration Training System for Treatment of People with Speech Problems
Yasuhiro Ogoshi, Sakiko Ogoshi, Kyoko Yamazaki, Tomohiro Takezawa, Akio Nakai, Kiyoharu Tsuji and Yoshinori Mitsuhashi
pp. 519-528

Workload Evaluation of Gaze-Writing Systems
Takahiro Hayashi and Reo Kishi
pp. 529-538

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