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Sensors and Materials  ISSN 0914-4935

Volume 26 (2014)
Number 5

Special Issue on 2013 International Applied Science and Precision Engineering Conference
Guest Editor, Wen-Hsiang Hsieh (National Formosa University)

Research Reports

Theoretical Prediction and Experimental Measurement of Embedded Optical Fiber Strain Sensors
Shiuh-Chuan Her and Chih-Ying Huang
pp. 263-269

A Multiparameter Biosignal Sensor for Mobile Health Service
Sung Jae Kim, Sangjoon Lee, Jea Hoon Jeong, Sung Yun Park and Sung Min Kim
pp. 271-278

A Laboratory-Based Three-Phase Smart Grid Sensor Network Testbed
Long-Fung Cheung, King-Shan Lui, Kenneth Kin-Yip Wong, Wing-Kin Lee and Philip Wing-Tat Pong
pp. 279-290

Optical Fiber Relative Humidity Sensor Based on Fabry-Perot Interferometer Coated with Sodium-p-styrenesulfonate/Allyamine Hydrochloride Films
Qingmei Sui, Mingshun Jiang, Zhongwei Jin, Faye Zhang, Yuqiang Cao and Lei Jia
pp. 291-298

Measurement of Arbitrary Strain Profiles of Fiber Bragg Gratings in Fabry-Perot-like Transmission Spectra Using a Real-Coded Genetic Algorithm
Hsu-Chih Cheng, Chih-Ta Yen and Yong-Jing Xiao
pp. 299-306

Manager Election of Power-Aware Wireless Sensor Networks Using Fuzzy Theory
Shu-Ching Wang, Shun-Sheng Wang, Chih-Ming Chang and Kuo-Qin Yan
pp. 307-312

Identification of Cross-Sensitivity of Smart NOx Sensors to Ammonia in Urea-Selective Catalyst Reduction Systems via Fast Fourier Transform
Chih-Cheng Chou, Chia-Jui Chiang, Yu-Hsuan Su and Yong-Yuan Ku
pp. 313-318

Nonlinear Dynamic Characteristics of Giant Magnetostrictive Sensor
Zhiwen Zhu, Wendi Zhang and Jia Xu
pp. 319-324

A Concentric Clustering Architecture with Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm in a Wireless Sensor Network
Young-Long Chen, Neng-Chung Wang, Mu-Yen Chen, Yung-Fa Huang and Yi-Nung Shih
pp. 325-332

A Composite Material Leaf Spring with Fiber Bragg Grating as a Sensor System for Dynamic Vehicle Loading
Tso-Sheng Hsieh, Chia-Chin Chiang and Chia-Hao Lin
pp. 333-338

Heliograph Imaging Based on Compressed Sensing with Mean Shift Regularization
Shuzhen Wang, Ying Wang, Liya Xu, Yinlong Wang, Shuyang Guan and Na Zhou
pp. 339-345

An Integrated Deployment Planning Tool for Indoor Building Sensor Networks
Rong-Shue Hsiao, Ding-Bing Lin, Hsin-Piao Lin, Chen-Hua Chung and Fu-Chiang Kang
pp. 347-352

Robot Simultaneous Localization and Mapping Using a Calibrated Kinect Sensor
Chen-Tung Chi, Yin-Tien Wang, Shao-Ting Cheng and Chin-An Shen
pp. 353-364

Design of Pyramid Column Sensor with Photodiodes for Measuring Solar Power
Yong-Nong Chang and Hung-Liang Cheng
pp. 365-370

Theoretical Analyses and Experimental Evaluation of a Small-Displacement Sensor Based on Surface Plasmon Resonance Technology
Shinn-Fwu Wang, Chi-Tun Chen, Fu-Hsi Kao, Yi Chu, Yu-Pin Liao, Shyh-Rong Lay and An-Li Liu
pp. 371-377

Centre Clustering Wireless Sensor Network Performance Enhancement
Shu-Ching Wang, Kuo-Qin Yan, Chin-Shan Peng and Shun-Sheng Wang
pp. 379-384

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