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Sensors and Materials  ISSN 0914-4935

Volume 26 (2014)
Number 3

Special Issue on Digital Olfaction
Guest Editor, Takamichi Nakamoto (Tokyo Institue of Technology)

Research Reports

Odourless Watermark (Digital Chemocode) System with Biochemical Sniff Scanner
Hirokazu Saito, Teruyoshi Goto, Kumiko Miyajima, Munkhbayar Munkhjarga, Takahiro Arakawa and Kohji Mitsubayashi
pp. 109-119

Bioelectronic Sniffer (Biosniffer) Based on Enzyme Inhibition of Butyrylcholinesterase for Toluene Detection
Hirokazu Saito, Yuki Suzuki, Tomoko Gessei, Kumiko Miyajima,
Takahiro Arakawa and Kohji Mitsubayashi
pp. 121-129

High-Resolution Gas/Odor Sensors Using High-Frequency Quartz Crystal Microbalance
Severino Munoz-Aguirre, Azucena Lopez-Casique, Salvador Alcantara-Iniesta, Juan Castillo-Mixcoat, Georgina Beltran-Perez and Narcizo Munoz-Aguirre
pp. 131-136

Odor Recognition System Using Embedded Leaning Vector Quantization Circuit
Fumikazu Yoshino and Takamichi Nakamoto
pp. 137-147

Fragrance and Flavor Analyzer Using Odor Deviation Map
Junichi Kita and Kiyoshi Toko
pp. 149-161

Feature Extraction of Gas Sensor Response Based on Subspace-Based Identification
Yoshinori Takei, Hidehito Nanto and Kiyoshi Wada
pp. 163-169

Odor Clustering Based on Molecular Parameter for Odor Sensing
Masahiro Imahashi and Kenshi Hayashi
pp. 171-180

Analysis of an Insect's Olfactory Receptor Neuron Response by NMF Method for Odor Approximation
Yuki Harada and Takamichi Nakamoto
pp. 181-187

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