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Sensors and Materials  ISSN 0914-4935

Volume 25 (2013)
Number 3

Special Issue on Fabrication Process and Application of Crystal Substrates to Realize Next-Generation Green Devices
Guest Editor, Toshiro Doi (Kyushu University)

Review Report

Current Status and Future Prospects of GaN Substrates for Green Devices
Toshiro Doi
pp. 141-154

Research Reports

Current Status and Future Prospects of Ammonothermal Bulk GaN Growth
Tadao Hashimoto, Edward Letts and Sierra Hoff
pp. 155-164

Growth and Evaluation of Bulk GaN Crystals Grown on a Point Seed Crystal by Ba-Added Na Flux Method
Hiroki Imabayashi, Kosuke Murakami, Daisuke Matsuo, Yuma Todoroki, Hideo Takazawa, Akira Kitamoto, Mihoko Maruyama, Mamoru Imade, Masashi Yoshimura and Yusuke Mori
pp. 165-176

Assessment of Stacking Faults in Silicon Carbide Crystals
Hidekazu Yamamoto
pp. 177-187

Surface Treatment for GaN Substrate - Comparison of Chemical Mechanical Polishing and Inductively Coupled Plasma Dry Etching -
Hideo Aida, Hidetoshi Takeda, Natsuko Aota, Seong-Woo Kim and Koji Koyama
pp. 189-204

Growth of AlxGa1-xN Structures on 8 in. Si(111) Substrates
Balakrishnan Krishnan, Seungjae Lee, Hongwei Li, Jie Su, Dong Lee and Ajit Paranjpe
pp. 205-217

Evaluation of GaN Substrate for Vertical GaN Power Device Applications
Tetsu Kachi and Tsutomu Uesugi
pp. 219-227


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