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Sensors and Materials  ISSN 0914-4935

Volume 21 (2009)
Number 8

Research Reports

Evaluation of Peach Quality Attribute Using an Electronic Nose
Hongmei Zhang and Jun Wang
pp. 419-431

Fabrication of AucoreCo3O4shell/PAA/HRP Composite Film for Direct Electrochemistry and Hydrogen Peroxide Sensor Applications
Xiaohua Chen, Huan Guo, Jing Yi and Jianqiang Hu
pp. 433-444

Air Purification Capability of Potted Phoenix Roebelenii and Its Installation Effect in Indoor Space
Kang Baosheng, Shin-ichi Shibata, Ayako Sawada, Takashi Oyabu and Haruhiko Kimura
pp. 445-455

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