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Sensors and Materials  ISSN 0914-4935

Volume 20 (2008)
Number 5

Research Reports

On-line Monitoring of Transformer Oil Degradation Based on Fiber Optic Sensors
Tae-Young Kim, Jong-Eun Kim and Kwang S. Suh
pp. 201-209

Gas Sensing Characteristics of Nanocrystalline Ba0.5Sr0.5MoO4 Thick Film Prepared by Sol-Gel Method
Mohammad Reza Vaezi
pp. 211-219

Preparation of Hemin-Immobilized Layer-by-Layer Films on the Surface of Glassy Carbon Electrodes as Hydrogen Peroxide Sensors
Baozhen Wang, Jun-ichi Anzai, Weilei Gong, Maoqing Wang and Xiaoyan Du
pp. 221-230

Study of Polysilicon Position-Sensitive Detector (PSD)
Hideo Muro
pp. 231-241

Flavor Evaluation of UHT Reconstituted Milk Processed by Direct and Indirect Heat Treatment Using Sensors
Yasumichi Mizota, Hiroaki Matsui, Michio Ikeda, Nobuo Ichihashi, Keiji Iwatsuki and Kiyoshi Toko
pp. 243-251

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