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Sensors and Materials  ISSN 0914-4935

Volume 19 (2007)
Number 3

Research Reports

Frequency-Dependent Rectification of the Bidirectionally Oscillating Dynamic Flow in Microdiffusers
Young-Ho Lee and Young-Ho Cho
pp. 133-147

Parametric Order Reduction of Proportionally Damped Second-Order Systems
Rudy Eid, Behnam Salimbahrami, Boris Lohmann, Evgenii B. Rudnyi and Jan G. Korvink
pp. 149-164

Tactile Sensor for Compliance Detection
Ahmed M. R. Fath El-Bab, Mohamed E. H. Eltaib, Mohamed M. Sallam and Osamu Tabata
pp. 165-177

Electrical Characteristics Analysis of Biological Active Points Using Real-Time Measuring System
Min Soo Kim, Hee Don Seo, Bumjoo Kim and Geunbae Lim
pp. 179-189

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