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Sensors and Materials  ISSN 0914-4935

Volume 18 (2006)
Number 5

Research Reports

Design and Evaluation for Mechanical Strength of an Anodically Bonded Pressurized Cavity Array for Wafer-Level MEMS Packaging
Il Doh and Young-Ho Cho
pp. 231-240

A Vanadium Oxide Nanotube-Based Nitric Oxide Gas Sensor
Yubo Li, Zhiwei Huang and Shiquan Rong
pp. 241-249

Identification of Toxic Gases Using Steady-State and Transient Responses of Gas Sensor Array
Kieu An Ngo, Pascal Lauque and Khalifa Aguir
pp. 251-260

Evaluation of Gauge Coefficients for Modelling Piezoresistive Properties of Thick-Film Resistors
Marina Santo Zarnik, Darko Belavič and Artur Wymysłowski
pp. 261-275

Preparation of Ultrafine ZnFe2O4 and Its Gas-Sensing Properties for Cl2
Jianzhou Zhang, Donghui Chen and Liang Chen
pp. 227-282


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