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Sensors and Materials  ISSN 0914-4935

Volume 17 (2005)
Number 6

Special Issue on Wafer Bonding and Its Applications
Guest Editor, Qin-Yi Tong (Ziptronix, Inc.)

Research Reports

Room Temperature Direct Wafer Bonding for Three Dimensional Integrated Sensors
Paul Enquist
pp. 307-316

Locating and Tracking the Evolution of Debonds at the Interface of Bonded Semiconductor Devices Using Infrared Photoelasticity
Gavin Horn, Thomas J. Mackin and Jon Lesniak
pp. 317-333

Effects of Implantation Heating on Exfoliation of InP
Sumiko Hayashi, Rajinder Sandhu, David Bruno, Mike Wojtowicz and Mark S. Goorsky
pp. 335-341

Introduction of InP-Based Light Emitter into GaAs-Based 3D Photonic Crystal by Improved Wafer Bonding of Dissimilar Materials
Masahiro Imada, Shinpei Ogawa, Susumu Yoshimoto and Susumu Noda
pp. 343-353

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