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Sensors and Materials  ISSN 0914-4935

Volume 17 (2005)
Number 4

Special Issue on the Fourth Workshop on Physical Chemistry of Wet Etching of Silicon (PCWES)
Guest Editor, Mojtaba Kahrizi (Concordia University)

Research Reports

Simulation of Anisotropic Etching of Alpha-Quartz for Computer-Aided-Design System
Hisanori Hayashi and Toshitsugu Ueda
pp. 167-177

Characterization of Orientation-Dependent Etching Properties of Quartz: Application to 3-D Micromachining Simulation System
Di Cheng, Kazuo Sato, Mitsuhiro Shikida, Atsushi Ono, Kenji Sato, Kazuo Asaumi and Yasuroh Iriye
pp. 179-186

Arrhenius and Non-Arrhenius Behaviour During Anisotropic Etching
Miguel A. Gosálvez, Risto M. Nieminen and Kazuo Sato
pp. 187-197

Silicon Wet Etch Anisotropy: Analysis of the Impact of {111}-, {110}-, {100}- Terrace Widths
Irina Stateikina, Leslie M. Landsberger, Mojtaba Kahrizi, Nazmul Hoque and Victo Rossokhaty
pp. 199-210

Regular Papers

A Novel Fiber Optic Biosensor for On-Line Monitoring of Cell Cultivation
Lei Zeng, Chu-Tian Zhang, Wei-Ning Huang, Jia Zhou, Quan Liu and Yi-Ping Huangg
pp. 211-217


Polyvinyl Alcohol-co-Styrene Sulfonate/FeCl2 Composite as Humidity Sensing Material
Il-Jin Kim, Sang-Do Han, Ishwar Singh, Hi-Deok Lee and Jin Suk Wang
pp. 219-226

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