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Sensors and Materials  ISSN 0914-4935

Volume 17 (2005)
Number 3

Special Issue on the 2004 Korean MEMS Conference (2)
Guest Editor, Dong-il "Dan" Cho (Seoul National University)

Invited Research Reports

Study of Valve-Integrated Microactuator Using Homogeneous Electro-Rheological Fluid
Kazuhiro Yoshida, Jung-Ho Park, Hiroshi Yano, Shinichi Yokota and Sonam Yun
pp. 97-112

Development of a Micro-Blood-Typing System Using Micro-Stereolithography Technology
Seung-Jae Lee, Hyun-Wook Kang, Yonggoo Kim, Gyoo-Whung Lee, Geunbae Lim and Dong-Woo Cho
pp. 113-123

Submicroliter-Volume Bulk-Micromachined Si-PMMA Thermal Cycler with a Multi-Stacked Dielectric Membrane
Dae-Sik Lee, Se Ho Park, Haesik Yang, Kwang-Hyo Chung and Hyeon-Bong Pyo
pp. 125-137

Fabrication and Evaluation of a Flexible Sieve-Type Microelectrode Array for Monitoring the Regenerating State of Peripheral Nerves
Yong-Ho Kim, Chung-Kun Lee, Yong-Jun Kim and Myoungho Lee
pp. 139-153

Fabrication of 100-nm-Scale Nickel Stamper Based on Chrome/Quartz Mask without Anti-Reflection Layer
Young Ho Seo, Doo-Sun Choi, Yeong-Eun Yoo, Joon-Hyoung Lee, Tae-Jin Je and Kyung-Hyun Whang
pp. 155-165


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