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Sensors and Materials  ISSN 0914-4935

Volume 17 (2005)
Number 2

Special Issue on the 2004 Korean MEMS Conference (1)
Guest Editor, Dong-il "Dan" Cho (Seoul National University)

Invited Research Reports

Novel Microcontact Printing Technique for Multipatterning of Self-Assembled Monolayers
Janggil Kim, Nobuyuki Takama and Beomjoon Kim
pp. 49-56

100×100 Thermo-Piezoelectric Cantilever Array for SPM Nano-Data-Storage Application
Young-Sik Kim, Caroline Sunyong Lee, Won-Hyeog Jin, SeongSoo Jang, Hyo-Jin Nam and Jong-Uk Bu
pp. 57-63

Direct Fabrication of Micropatterns and Three-Dimensional Structures Using Nanoreplication-Printing (nRP) Process
Sang Hu Park, Tae Woo Lim, Dong-Yol Yang, Shin Wook Yi and Hong Jin Kong
pp. 65-75

Portable Electronic Nose System Utilizing Single Gas Sensor Array Fabricated by Si Bulk Micromachining
Yoonseok Yang, Seung-Chul Ha and Yong Shin Kim
pp. 77-85

Multifunctional Probe for Chemical Stimulation and Neural Signal Recording
Kyo-in Koo, Jung-Min Lim, Seung-Joon Paik, Jaehong Park, Sangwon Byun, Ahra Lee, Sungil Park, Taeyong Song, HyunMin Choi, Myoung-Jun Jeong and Dong-il "Dan" Cho
pp. 87-95


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