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Sensors and Materials  ISSN 0914-4935

Volume 15 (2003)
Number 7

Research Reports

Design and Fabrication Issues on Micromachined Oxygen Sensors for Miniaturized Energy Consumption Measurement Systems
Chien-Chung Wu, Mei-Hsing Chen, Ching-Hsing Luo and Gwo-Bin Lee
pp. 341-360

Highly Sensitive PMOSFET Photodetector and Its Application to CMOS Active Pixel Sensor
Jae-Hyoun Park, Sang-Ho Seo, In-Soo Wang, Hyung-June Yoon, Jang-Kyoo Shin, Pyung Choi, Young-Chang Jo, and Hoon Kim
pp. 361-370

Development of a Flow-Type Taste Sensor
Munehiro Iwakura, Yuji Isomoto, Takahiro Inoue and Kiyoshi Toko
pp. 371-380

Monolithic Fabrication of Wireless Miniaturized Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM-R) Arrays and their Application for Biochemical Sensors
Jens Rabe, Volker Seidemann and Stephanus Buettgenbach
pp. 381-391

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