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Sensors and Materials  ISSN 0914-4935

Volume 15 (2003)
Number 2

Special Issue on Physical Chemistry of Wet Etching of Silicon (2)
Guest Editor, Kazuo Sato (Nagoya University)

Research Reports

Dependence of the Anisotropy of Wet Chemical Etching of Silicon on the Amount of Surface Coverage by OH Radicals
Miguel A. Gosálvez, Adam S. Foster and Risto M. Nieminen
pp. 53-65

Modelling of Anisotropic Etching of Silicon: Anomalies due to Facet Boundary Effects
Ziyad Elalamy, Leslie M. Landsberger, Mojtaba Kahrizi, Anand Pandy, Irina Stateikina and Sébastien Michel
pp. 67-81

Anisotropic Si Etching Condition for Preparing Optically Smooth Surfaces
Minoru Sasaki, Takehiro Fujii and Kazuhiro Hane
pp. 83-92

Difference in Activated Atomic Steps on (111) Silicon Surface during KOH and TMAH Etching
Kazuo Sato, Takehiro Masuda and Mitsuhiro Shikida
pp. 93-99

Effects of Mask Misalignment and Wafer Misorientation on Silicon V-Groove Etching
Songsheng Tan, Robert Boudreau and Michael L. Reed
pp. 101-112

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