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Sensors and Materials  ISSN 0914-4935

Volume 14 (2002)
Number 6

Special Issue on Biomedical Applications
Guest Editor, Susan L. R. Barker (Veridian Corporation)

Research Reports

Encapsulation and Stability Properties of Nanoengineered Polyelectrolyte Capsules for Use as Fluorescent Sensors
Ted A. Duchesne, J. Quincy Brown, Kyle B. Guice, Yuri M. Lvov and Michael J. McShane
pp. 293-308

Production, Characteristics and Applications of Fluorescent PEBBLE Nanosensors: Potassium, Oxygen, Calcium and pH Imaging inside Live Cells
Murphy Brasuel, Raoul Kopelman, Jonathan W. Aylott, Heather Clark, Hao Xu, Marion Hoyer, Terry J. Miller, Ron Tjalkens and Martin A. Philbert
pp. 309-338

Fiber Optic Couplers for Protein Detection
Michael Henning
pp. 339-345


Force Sensing in a Multilayered Ceramic Actuator Using a Piezoelectric Ceramic Plate
Hideto Tanaka, Yuuta Matsuse and Tatsuo Fukami
pp. 347-351

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