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Sensors and Materials  ISSN 0914-4935

Volume 13 (2001)
Number 8

Special Issue on Fusion of Optoelectronics and High Voltage Engineering
Guest Editor, Tatsuo Takada (Musashi Institute of Technology)

Research Reports

Near-field Scanning Optical Microscope Based on Fast Birefringence Measurement
Shinya Ohkubo and Norihiro Umeda
pp. 433-443

Diagnostics of Semiconductor Devices beyond the Diffraction Limit of Light
Hiroaki Fukuda, Toshiharu Saiki and Motoichi Ohtsu
pp. 445-460

Development of Microsensors for Measuring Electric Fields by Using Pockels Crystal
Tsuguhiro Takahashi
pp. 461-475

Optical Current Measurement System Using Faraday Crystal, Polarization-Maintaining Fiber and Faraday Rotator (Theory and Experiment)
Takashi Hirose, Tatsuo Takada and Yoshihiro Murooka
pp. 477-486

Technique for Sensing Potential Distributions on Insulating Materials with Surface Discharge Using Pockels Device
Akiko Kumada, Masakuni Chiba and Kunihiko Hidaka
pp. 487-497

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