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Sensors and Materials  ISSN 0914-4935

Volume 12 (2000)
Number 7

Special Issue on Infrared Detectors (3)
Guest Editor, Masafumi Kimata (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation)

Research Reports

Collective Flip-Chip Technology for Infrared Focal Plane Arrays
Jean-Luc Tissot and François Marion
pp. 389-396

State-of-the-Art High-Volume Infrared Detector in France
Jean P. Chatard
pp. 397-419

Research Trends in Infrared Detection in BAE SYSTEMS: Cadmium Mercury Telluride, InSb and Pyroelectric Arrays
P. Capper, L. G. Hipwood, P. Knowles, C. D. Maxey and A. D. Parsons
pp. 421-434

Properties of 2×64 Linear HgCdTe Molecular Beam-Epitaxy-Grown Long Wavelength Infrared Arrays with Charged Coupled Devices Silicon Readouts
Fiodor F. Sizov, Vladimir V. Vasil’ev, Dmitri G. Esaev, Victor N. Ovsyuk, Yuri G. Sidorov, Vladimir P. Reva, Alexandr G. Golenkov and Yuri P. Derkach
pp. 435-444

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