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Sensors and Materials  ISSN 0914-4935

Volume 12 (2000)
Number 2

Research Reports

A New Approach to On-Site Liquid Analysis
Robert U. Seidel, Don Y. Sim, Wolfgang Menz and Masayoshi Esashi
pp. 57-68

Non-Destructive Evaluation System Based on High-Tc Superconducting Quantum Interference Device Sensors
George Kallias, Eamonn Devlin, Christos Christides and Dimitris Niarchos
pp. 69-77

Enzyme-Based Electrochemical Sensors for Formaldehyde Detection
Yaroslav I. Korpan, Sergey V. Dzyadevich, Valentina N. Arkhipova, Anna V. El'skaya, Mykhailo V. Gonchar, Timothy D. Gibson, Nicole Jaffrezic-Renault, Claude Martelet and Alexey P. Soldatkin
pp. 79-87

Kinetic Studies of Nasicon Based Sensors with Cyclic Voltammetry
Piotr Jasinski, Antoni Nowakowski and Werner Weppner
pp. 89-97

Mechanical Characterization of Electroplated Nickel-Iron
Jan T. Ravnkilde, Volker Ziebart, Ole Hansen and Henry Baltes
pp. 99-108

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