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Sensors and Materials  ISSN 0914-4935

Volume 11 (1999)
Number 6

Taiwanese Special Issue
Guest Editor, Yao Cheng (Synchrotron Radiation Research Center)

Research Reports

Status of HARMST in Taiwan
Yao Cheng
pp. 319-327

Manufacturing Processes for LIGA Spinnerets
B.-Y. Shew, Y. Cheng, C.-H. Lin, W.-P. Ma, G.-J. Huang, C.-L. Kuo, S.-C. Tseng, D.-S. Lee and G.-L. Chang
pp. 329-337

Behavior of the Developing Process for Ultradeep Microstructures
Cheng-Tang Pan, Hsiharng Yang, Horng-Jee Wang and Min-Chieh Chou
pp. 339-347

Ultralow-Stress Silicon-Rich Nitride Films for Microstructure Fabrication
Ming-Cheng Cheng, Chin-Piao Chang, Wen-Sheh Huang and Ruey-Shing Huang
pp. 349-358


Fabrication of 3-D Microcoils with Ferromagnetic Cores Using a Standard CMOS Process
Lungjieh Yang, Kuangyeu Hsieh, Jinghung Chiou, Jennyi Chen, Chienliu Chang and Peizen Chang
pp. 359-367


Fabrication of a Sensitive Germanium Microbolometer for Tympanic Thermometry
Chung-Nan Chen and Jin-Shown Shie
pp. 369-382


Fabrication and Study of a Shallow-Gap Pirani Vacuum Sensor with a Linearly Measurable Atmospheric Pressure Range
Bruce C. S. Chou, Chung-Nan Chen and Jin-Shown Shie
pp. 383-392


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