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Sensors and Materials  ISSN 0914-4935

Volume 11 (1999)
Number 5

Research Reports

Investigation on Sensing Properties of ZnO-Based Thin Film Sensors for Trimethylamine Gas
Tae Ha Kwon, Jee Youl Ryu, Woo Chang Choi, Sung Woo Kim, Sung Hyun Park, Hyek Hwan Choi and Myong Kyo Lee
pp. 257-267

Design Rules for Polyimide Solvent Bonding
Ian K. Glasgow, David J. Beebe and Victor E. White
pp. 269-278

A CAD System for Developing Chemical Sensor-Based Microsystems with an ISFET-CMOS Compatible Technology
Sergio Martinoia, Leandro Lorenzelli, Giuseppe Massobrio, Benno Margesin and Alberto Lui
pp. 279-295

Polymer Hot Embossing with Silicon Master Structures
Holger Becker and Ulf Heim
pp. 297-304


Schottky Diodes with Thin Catalytic Gate Metals for Potential Use as Ammonia Sensors for Exhaust Gases
Lars Unéus, Peter Tobias, Per Salomonsson, Ingemar Lundström and Anita Lloyd Spetz
pp. 305-318


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