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Sensors and Materials  ISSN 0914-4935

Volume 11 (1999)
Number 4

Research Reports

Chip-Scale Packaging of a Gyroscope Using Wafer Bonding
Douglas Sparks, Deron Slaughter, Ruth Beni, Larry Jordan, Michael Chia, David Rich, Jack Johnson and Timothy Vas
pp. 197-207

Enantioselective Monitoring of Chiral Inhalation Anesthetics by Simple Gas Sensors
Andreas Hierlemann, Karl Bodenhöfer, Markus Juza, Birgit Gross, Volker Schurig and Wolfgang Göpel
pp. 209-218

Six-Beam Twin-Mass Structure for Triaxial Accelerometer
José Antonio Plaza, Jaume Esteve and Emilio Lora-Tamayo
pp. 219-232

Characterization of Flexible Sapphire Fibers in High-Temperature Pyrometers
Jörg Philipp Kottmann and Christian Stenzel
pp. 233-246


The Strength of Surface Micromachined Indium Phosphide Devices Evaluated by Weibull Analysis of Tensile and Bending Tests
Staffan Greek, Christian Seassal, Pierre Viktorovitch and Klas Hjort
pp. 247-256


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