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Sensors and Materials  ISSN 0914-4935

Volume 11 (1999)
Number 2

Research Reports

A High-Yield Drying Process for Surface-Micromachined Structures Using Magnetostatic Forces
Chang Liu, Thomas Tsao and Yu-Chong Tai
pp. 71-86

Investigation of MEMS Packaging Using Multichip Module Foundries
Jeffrey T. Butler, Victor M. Bright and Richard J. Saia
pp. 87-104

Use of Liquid Rubber in Micromachining Focused on Flexible Large-Area Biocompatible Membranes
Katarina Verhaegen, Kris Baert, Bob Puers, Willy Sansen, Lou Hermans and Robert Mertens
pp. 105-110

Thin Film Shear Modulus Determination with Quartz Crystal Resonators
Ralf Lucklum, Carsten Behling and Peter Hauptmann
pp. 111-130


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