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Sensors and Materials  ISSN 0914-4935

Volume 8 (1996)
Number 5

Research Reports

Modeling Electrostatically Deflectable Microstructures and Air Damping Effects
H. M. Reuther, M. Weinmann, M. Fischer, W. von Münch and F. Aβmus
pp. 251-269

Characterization of Silylated ISFETs by Ion-Step Measuring Method
Joost C. van Kerkhof and Piet Bergveld
pp. 271-291

Peltier Effect for Measurement of Fluid Thermal Property – Application for Designing New Thermal Sensors-
Pascale Godts, Christophe Machut, Lionel Camberlein and Didier Leclercq
pp. 293-301

Thermally Driven Microvalve with Buckling Behavior for Pneumatic Applications
T. Lisec, H. J. Quenzer, M. Kreutzer, S. Hoerschelmann, B. Wagner and W. Benecke
pp. 303-316

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