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Sensors and Materials  ISSN 0914-4935

Volume 8 (1996)
Number 4

New Developments in Sensors, European Interregional Network on Sensors (2)
Guest Editor, Giorgio Sberveglieri (University of Brescia)

Research Reports

Integrated Optical Wavelength Scanner for Refractometric Gas Measurements
Elmar Wagner, Iliyana Hinkov and Vladimir Hinkov
pp. 185-191

Integrated-Optics Interferometric Sensors on Glass for Chemical Applications
Isabelle Schanen Duport, Håkon Helmers, Pierre Greco, Rosemarie Wagner and Roger Rimet
pp. 193-198

Integration of Phototransistors in CMOS Circuits
Josep Calderer, Mauricio Moreno and Marco Braam
pp. 199-208

Defect Structure and Related Properties in Stabilized Zirconia
Carlo Bruno Azzoni, Paolo Camagni and Giorgio Samoggia
pp. 209-215

Electron Trapping Sites near Oxygen Vacancies in Stabilized Zirconia
Carlo Bruno Azzoni, Alberto Paleari and Filippo Scardina
pp. 217-221

Application of Surface Science to Preparation and Characterization of Solid-State Chemical Sensors
Dario Narducci, Giuliana Girardi, Claudio M. Mari and Sergio Pizzini
pp. 223-229


Influence of Incorporated Metal Particles on Switching of Polyaniline Films
Robert Kostecki and Jan Augustynski
pp. 231-237


NO2 Sensing by Means of SnO2(Al) Thin Films Grown by the Rheotaxial Growth and Thermal Oxidation Technique
Guido Faglia, Gianpaolo Benussi, Laura Depero, Giorgio Dinelli and Giorgio Sberveglieri
pp. 239-249


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