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Sensors and Materials  ISSN 0914-4935

Volume 7 (1995)
Number 5

Research Reports

Procedure for Effortless In-Field Calibration of Three-Axis Rate Gyros and Accelerometers
Franco Ferraris, Ugo Grimaldi and Marco Parvis
pp. 311-330

Novel Structures for Miniature Pressure Transducers Obtained by Electrochemical Etch-Stop on Diffused Membranes
Santiago Marco, Josep Samitier, Joan Ramon Morante, Andreas Götz and Jaume Esteve
pp. 331-345

Measurements of Mechanical Behavior of Micromachined Aluminized Silicon and Silicon Nitride Diaphragms
Ralf Schellin, Gisela Heβ, Worfgang Kühnel, Christiane Thielemann, David Trost, Jörg Wacker and Ralf Steinmann
pp. 347-360

Thermistors for Temperature Compensation of Titania Oxygen Sensor
Jianxin Sheng and Tatsuo Fukami
pp. 361-369

Humidity-Sensing Characteristics of TiO2-SnO2 Prepared by Coprecipitation and Precipitation Methods
Ji Won Joo, Jong-Heun Lee and Soon Ja Park
pp. 371-382

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