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Sensors and Materials  ISSN 0914-4935

Volume 5 (1993)
Number 2

Research Reports

Polymer Membranes on Chemical Semiconductor Devices -Their Electrical Influence on Sensor Characterization
Annette Friebe, Fred Lisdat and Werner Moritz
pp. 65-82

Taste Sensing of Tomatoes with a Multichannel Taste Sensor
Yukiko Kikkawa, Kiyoshi Toko and Kaoru Yamafuji
pp. 83-90

Simulation, Design, and Fabrication of a Vertical Hall Device for Two-Dimensional Magnetic Field Sensing
M. Paranjape, Lj. Ristic and W. Allegretto
pp. 91-101

Application of New Tactile Sensor for Detecting Hardness in Factory Automation
Hidenobu Umeda, Kouji Hotta, Yoshiyuki Morita and Sadao Omata
pp. 103-111

Technical Note

Layout Design Rules for Microstructure Fabrication Using Commercially Available CMOS Technology
M. Parameswaran and M. Paranjape
pp. 113-123

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