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Sensors and Materials  ISSN 0914-4935

Volume 3 (1991)
Number 3

Research Reports

Compensating Corner Undercutting of (100) Silicon in KOH
H. L. Offereins, H. Sandmaier, K. Marusczyk, K. Kühl and A. Plettner
pp. 127-144

Characteristics of Acetylcholine Sensor Using an ISFET and Its Application to Chemical Analysis
Hiromitsu Sakai, Noriaki Kaneki, Hirotoshi Tanaka and Hiroshi Hara
pp. 145-157

Analysis of Thin Rod Acoustic Wave Gravimetric Sensors
Zuoqing Wang, Martin Viens, Cheng-Kuei Jen, David Cheeke and Yuan Liu
pp. 159-171

Wafer Fusion Bonding: Characterization of the Bond Quality
Christine Harendt, Heinz-Gerd Graf, Bernd Höfflinger and Elisabeth Penteker
pp. 173-187

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