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Sensors and Materials  ISSN 0914-4935

Volume 2 (1990)
Number 2

Research Reports

Distribution of ΔVT of Dual FETs in View of Their Application to Differential Measurements with ISFET-MAOSFET Pairs
B. Hu, H. H. van den Vlekkert and N. F. de Rooij
pp. 67-73

The Measurement of Thermal Stress in Plastic-Molded ICs by CCD Image Sensor
Tomoyoshi Shoji, Noboru Yoshimura, Koichi Hatakeyama and Yuji Abe
pp. 75-88

Glassy As2Se3: Ag Electrode as a Silver Ion Sensor
Michihiko Kitao, Hirofumi Abe, Masahiro Muramatsu and Tatsuo Yamamoto
pp. 89-97

Microfabricated Amperometric Gas Sensors with an Integrated Design
William J. Buttner, G. Jordan Maclay and Joseph R. Setter
pp. 99-106

A Pb2CrO5 Thin Film Ultraviolet-Sensitive Device
Kohji Toda and Shinzo Yoshida
pp. 107-116

Oxazine-170 in Sol-Gel Glass and PMMA Films as a Reversible Optical Waveguide Sensor for Ammonia and Acids
Valery Chernyak, Renata Reisfeld, Raz Gvishi and David Venezky
pp. 117-126


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