Sensors and Materials

We will celebrate the 30th anniversary of Sensors and Materials in 2018.
Sensors and Materials
is an international peer-reviewed open access journal to provide a forum for researchers working in multidisciplinary fields of sensing technology.
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Sensors and Materials
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About S&M

Objectives and Scopes

Sensors and Materials is designed to provide a forum for people working in the multidisciplinary fields of sensing technology, and publishes contributions describing original work in the experimental and theoretical fields, aimed at understanding sensing technology, related materials, associated phenomena, and applied systems. Expository review papers and short notes are also acceptable.

The journal consists of the following three major sections: Principles and theories of sensors and transducers, Devices, Application and systems.

Topics Covered

1. Optical Sensing
2. Mechanical Sensing
3. Temperature Sensing
4. Gas Sensing
5. Humidity Sensing
6. Biological Sensing
7. Electromagnetic Sensing
8. Remote Sensing
9. Pressure Sensing
10. Nuclear Sensing
11. Acoustic Sensing
12. Materials for Sensor Technology
13. MEMS
14. Microactuators
15. Sensing Systems

Note: Manuscripts reporting only algorithms or theory of sensor networks are out of the scope of Sensors and Materials. Manuscripts that include discussions on algorithms based on and for the analysis of sensor data, and their use in sensor applications are welcome in Sensors and Materials.


Sensors and Materials is abstracted/indexed in:


 1988 Sensors and Materials was launched as an international journal with a broad focus.
 2002 A new section, "Biosensors and Related Areas," was introduced.
  Professor Kiyoshi Toko, Kyushu University, became the Section Editor for "Biosensors and Related Areas."
 2003 Professor Makoto Ishida, Toyohashi University of Technology, assumed the position of Editor of Japan for general papers.
 2004 Professor Wolfgang Menz, IMTEK at University of Freiburg, took over the responsibilities of European Editor from Professor Jan G. Korvink.
 2011 Professor Jürgen Wilde, University of Freiburg, took over the responsibilities of European Editor from Professor Wolfgang Menz.
 2013 Professor Makoto Ishida, Toyohashi University of Technology, took over the responsibilities of Editor in Chief from Professor Susumu Sugiyama.
 2016 Professor Shuvo Roy, University of California, San Francisco, assumed the position of Editor of US for general papers.
 2017 Professor Kazusuke Maenaka, University of Hyogo, and Professor Kohji Mitsubayashi, Tokyo Medical and Dental University, assumed the position of Associate Editor.

Forthcoming Regular Issues

Forthcoming Special Issues

Special Issue on Recent Progress in the Optical Bio/Chemical Sensors
Guest editor, Yoshiaki Nishijima (Yokohama National University)
Call for paper

Special Issue on the 10th International Conference on Sensing Technology (ICST 2016)
Guest editor, Ruqiang Yan (Southeast University)
Conference website
Call for paper

3rd Special Issue on the Workshop on Next-Generation Front-Edge Optical Science Research
Guest editor, Hidehito Nanto (Kanazawa Institute of Technology)

Special Issue on Advanced Sensing Technology for Smart Manufacturing
Guest editor, Chien-Hung Liu (National Chung Hsing University)

Special Issue on International Conference on BioSensors, BioElectronics, BioMedical Devices, BioMEMS/NEMS and Applications 2016 (Bio4Apps 2016)
Guest editor, Dzung Dao (Griffith University)
Call for paper

Special Issue on Innovative and Intelligent Sensing Analysis and Experiment for Functional Materials
Guest editor, Cheng-Chi Wang (National Chin-Yi University of Technology)
Conference website

Special Issue on Retinal Prosthesis
Guest editor, Jun Ohta (Nara Institute of Science and Technology), Hiroyuki Tashiro (Kyusyu University), and Yasuo Terasawa (Nidek Co., Ltd.)
Call for paper

Special Issue Dedicated to Professor Toshitsugu Ueda for His Achievements
Guest editor, Satoshi Ikezawa (Waseda University) and Jinxing Liang (Southeast University)

Special Issue on ICASI2017
Guest editor, Teen-Hang Meen (National Formosa University), Shoou-Jinn Chang National Cheng Kung University), and Stephen D. Prior (University of Southampton)
Conference website
Call for paper

Special Issue on Open Collaboration for MEMS
Guest editor, Masayoshi Esashi (Tohoku University)

Special Issue on the International Multi-Conference on Engineering and Technology Innovation 2017 (IMETI2017)
Guest editor, Wen-Hsiang Hsieh (National Formosa University)
Conference website

Special Issue on Internet of Things (IoT) and Applications for Improving Quality of Life
Guest editor, Hidetaka Nambo (Kanazawa University)
Call for paper

Special Issue on Materials, Devices, Circuits, Analytical Methods for Various Sensors (Selected Papers from ICSEVEN 2017)
Guest editor, Chien-Jung Huang (National University of Kaohsiung, Chi-Chih Liao (II-V Epiworks, Inc.), and Ja-Hao Chen (Feng Chia University)
Conference website
Call for paper

Special Issue on Sensors and Materials for Cyber-Physical Applications
Guest editor, Pitikhate Sooraksa (King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang)
Call for paper

Special Issue on Biosensing Materials and Engineering for Electrobiology
Guest editor, Toshiya Sakata (The University of Tokyo)

Special Issue on Micro Energy Harvesting and Storing Technologies
Guest editor, Bin Yang (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
Call for paper

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